A Cool Script To Backup Your MySQL / MariaDB Databases Using FTP

In this script an automatic FTP backup will pickup up your sql.tar.gz and upload the file to a remote FTP server running CentOS. So, you may wonder how all this works and how to automate entire procedure to be able to upload file /tmp/backup/sql.tar.gz? In the most simple scenario you can use a standard FTP client to transfer the backup file on the remote server.  Here is a quick script to upload file: #!/bin/sh USERNAME=”your-ftp-user-name” PASSWORD=”your-ftp-password” SERVER=”your-ftp.server.com” # local directory to pickup *.tar.gz file FILE=”/tmp/backup” # remote server directory to upload backup BACKUPDIR=”/pro/backup/sql” # login to remote server ftp -n -i $SERVER […]

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